Lauren Klein for Valentine's Day

>> Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Have you been working on getting those hints across loud and clear?  After all, we don't want to have any miscommunication problems when it comes to our bling, right? 

For special savings, here is a coupon code to pass along to the person doing the buying for 10% off if you use COUPON CODE VD2011.  Of course, Lauren Klein doesn't just sell women's jewelry.  They sell men's jewelry (check out the really cool stainless rings) and children's jewelry so keep that coupon code for your own shopping too! 

My personal favorite is this White Gold Diamond and Yellow Sapphire Heart Pendant.  This isn't something you would see everybody wearing so make it uniquely and beautifully yours.  With the coupon code, you could be wearing this pretty little pendant within a couple weeks (Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day) at a good savings. 

If you're looking for something "manly" for your man for Valentine's Day, does stainless steel and carbon shout "manly" enough?  This ring (shown below) is offered for sale by Lauren Klein for $50!  Then use your Lauren Klein VD2011 coupon code for 10% off.  Are you still reading or did you click on over to Lauren Klein already to check out this great men's ring?  Seriously, haven't you ordered yet?
Did you remember what the coupon code was?  It is COUPON CODE VD2011 through Lauren Klein's online jewelry web site.  I'm sure I am just talking to myself by this point because y'all would've seen what a great deal on beautiful jewelry is being offered for men, women, and children over at Lauren Klein and left me hanging here by now.   Now, go shop!


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