Disengaging for the Weekend

>> Monday, January 31, 2011

My husband tells me this morning that he wants to go to the stepkids' state this weekend and watch his daughter in a band thing.  I didn't say a word -  not yea or no.  I didn't say that his kids ignored him (and our kids) on Christmas.  I didn't say that they ignored him the month before that for his birthday.  I didn't say that they ignored him on Father's Day AGAIN this past year.  I didn't say they blew off their siblings on their birthdays as well.  I didn't say they don't give a darn about you or their siblings.  I didn't say they don't care to come here, blew us off over the summer completely when their siblings were 15 minutes from them, and they don't want to be a part of our family at all so why bother.  I didn't say they are old enough to know better. 

He'd be going by himself (which he probably doesn't realize yet) so I'm staying out of it.  As long as his trip doesn't affect the bills we have to pay this month, it's not my problem though it is his work weekend and he'd be losing pay.  I kept my lips zipped. 

Ah, disengaging at its finest. 

When the orthodontic bill comes in for two of our kids who start the braces process this week, I can't gurantee the lips will stay completely zipped but for now, I am trying really hard to stay disengaged from this.


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