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>> Monday, January 31, 2011

My husband proclaims not to like cats (except for a black cat with white feet he used to have years and years ago that he creatively named "Boots").  We have a cat.  I don't claim ownership on this cat.  She hitched a ride on the undercarriage of my SUV back in August and I was unable to locate her owners or find her a new home (boy does my cat allergy appreciate that).  So this lucky kitten (now a cat) who was very lucky not to become roadkill under the tires of my SUV has been here about five months (guess I'll have to claim ownership eventually, eh?). 

My cat hater of a husband says to me this morning, "The cat is eating out of the cereal bowl on the counter." 

So, I turn to look and my cat-hating husband is PETTING said cat, while she is eating out of the cereal bowl on the counter.  Yeah, that'll show her not to get on my counters oh big cat-hating husband of mine.

He's also calling her "KiKi."  (Her name is Karma.)  My cat-hater of a husband told me he's renamed her "KiKi" because when you go "here kitty, kitty, kitty" it sounds like "KiKi."  Yeah, right.  I guess if you don't pronounce the t's it sort of does but really? 

My cat allergy is not ready to claim ownership of her yet.  Maybe when she's been here six months? 


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