Xmas Gifts for Stepkids Settled

>> Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wow!  The ex is "letting" hubby buy my stepdaughter the acoustic guitar (see previous post).  I hate using the word "let" because it implies he has less rights than she does - oh wait, he does in her eyes! 

After her email on how she was buying their daughter the guitar, he responded back to her how their daughter had told him that she wanted a laptop and acoustic guitar and he can't afford a laptop.  He went on to tell the ex why an experienced acoustic guitar player should pick out the guitar.  He worded it all very nicely in the email (while giving his own verbal rundown on his feelings for his ex while we typed up the email which was hilarious). 

Her response was a bit of a surprise (the money aspect of it). She responded that she is buying their daughter the laptop for her birthday (falls around xmas) and that the guitar was not going to be a xmas gift - just a gift.  Wow!  Must be nice to have that kind of spending money to plan to buy a laptop computer, xmas gifts, plus an acoustic guitar just because and that was just for one child.  Hubby responded back very nicely, thanking her and telling her how much he looked forward to buying her a guitar.

Sounds like my stepdaughter is getting what she wants for whatever the occasion for the holidays.  We are going to have to come up with another good idea for a graduation gift now and I really have no clue at this point - we were planning to save for a laptop for her:(  Maybe airline tickets to some awesome destination before college starts?

My stepdaughter turns 18 next month.  I believe child support will go until she graduates from high school, as well as health insurance.  I believe she'll just stay on our health insurance for as long as the insurance provider allows so she doesn't have to try to find some type of affordable health insurance on her own.  I'm just thrilled that we have the first of two kids turning 18 finally!  It's been a long, hard road to get here and with xmas settled now, I look forward to not having to deal with the ex again until at least Easter!


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