House Redecorating Wish List

>> Monday, November 22, 2010

I've made my household redecorating wish list up.  Here it is:

  • I want our bedroom painted.  We've not done this since we moved in - almost five years ago!
  • Utility sinks are a necessity with five dogs and six kids to keep the big messes out of the bathroom.  I want one in my laundry room. 
  • I want this butcher block island for my kitchen (need more counter and storage space):

  • I want two adirondack chairs for our backyard.  Maybe that'd be a good thing to put on the Santa list!
  • I want linoleum laid in the family room where the dogs go in and out - one piece that is easily mopped!  I think you can get linoleum now that looks like tile or wood so I can pretend to have the real thing.  I'm ok with that.
  • I want a new mattress.  Our mattress is over 15 years old!  Boy do the backaches get ya in the morning!  I want a double though instead of a queen...we need the extra room in our bedroom plus it will be like cuddling without actual cuddling since you have to sleep close in a smaller bed.
  • My way out there wish list, which is just a dream, is to either add on for a master suite or convert our attached garage (which isn't even used for our cars).  What I wouldn't give not to have to share a bedroom with all these kids!! 


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