Lost 6 Pounds

>> Friday, November 19, 2010

I've lost six pounds!  Yippee! 

Actually, I think the last pound I lost was due to my gallbladder attack last night and dehydration so I probably should only count five pounds!  I guess "yakking your guts out" (in my 13-year-old's words last night) is the fastest fat burner.  I don't recommend gallbladder attacks for weight loss - ever.  I'm sure that pound will show up again in water weight.

I've been eating better and my doctor increased my thyroid pill dose and the weight is starting to drop again.  If I can get rid of these last 20 pounds, I'll be so much happier with looking in the mirror.  I fell off the healthy wagon two days ago when I was out running errands and my hypoglycemia took over and I needed food.  A drive-thru was the fastest way to get it - MISTAKE!  My gallbladder screamed at me for a few hours last night to tell me how bad of an idea that was.  I have learned now to keep healthy snacks in my purse to ward of the drop in blood sugar.


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