I Have Gallbladder Disease

>> Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Those painful attacks were definitely my gallbladder.  My doctor says, "Well, you know you have gallstones and you know you have gall bladder disease.  You might have to think about doing something about that in the future."

Ya think?

So I asked him what I could do to dissolve or get rid of the stones without losing my gallbladder.  I really don't want to lose my gallbladder.  He is waiting for my hospital records to see how big the gallstones are before he tells me what the next step is.  He doesn't want me starting any type of gallbladder stone/flush protocol until he knows they are small enough to get rid of without plugging a duct.  Good idea! 

He told me that I won't know what I can or can not eat without eating it and seeing what happens.  Boy, that could be painful experimentation!

I've been eating less fat and have avoided anymore gallbladder attacks so far.  Before seeing my doctor, I was barely eating any fat at all because I was so afraid of another attack but I've since added a little back into my diet.  Fat is necessary.  I have found out eating the last couple bites of my daughter's hot dog at a soccer game is a bad idea but I can handle a little bit of spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips in moderation.  I choose grilled over fried (which stinks) and just watch what I eat in general. 


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