I Disengage From Christmas with SD

>> Friday, December 9, 2011

My stepdaughter has asked for a new tattoo for Christmas.  After her rudeness online with me (got hit with it twice recently), I sure hope hubby is taking care of this one on his own.  I'm not.  I disengage.

I did take care of finding my stepson's big gift for my husband.  Somehow, my stepson's "could care less" behavior towards me is easier to handle than my stepdaughter's snotty behavior.  I guess because "could care less" is an improvement over the years of anger/violence he shot towards me/kids and my stepdaughter's snotty behavior is a more recent development?  Maybe because I used to be real close with my stepdaughter (wasn't with my stepson) so her snotty behavior affects me more? I don't know.

I am at the "not my kid, not my problem" point with my stepdaughter right now. Whoever thought it'd be easier when they became adults was wrong.  Oh yeah, that was me.  Oops.

**bangs head on desk**

You know, if she was here, she wouldn't have the nerve to be rude to me.  Funny how 200 miles and an internet connection makes bad behavior OK.


Smirking Cat December 12, 2011 at 12:24 PM  

I don't blame you for disengaging. Respect is a minimum requirement, not a luxury. I expect from my stepkids exactly what I give them: honesty and respect. When that isn't returned to me, I don't just accept it either. I don't see anything wrong with flat telling your SD that she has no right to ask you for anything after being rude to you, but that is your call.

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