Frying My Computer

>> Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My computer (which I am typing on) is in the process of dying on me.  I go through a computer about every two years.  I just fry them up.  I did when I worked outside the home too.  My employer had to replace them often.  They said I typed too fast, ha ha.  There would literally be a burning smell coming from my computer and they'd know to look into ordering me a new one.

My husband bought me a laptop last week which I have sitting in a closet - not using yet.  The thought of transferring what I need (photos, music, budget, passwords, etc.) to the new laptop has been daunting.  I love computers. I know my way around the computer (don't know a thing about electronics in general - show me component video cables and I wouldn't know what to do) but with so many photos and videos to go through to see what I want to transfer and what I want to put on disk, I put off my new laptop and hope my desktop PC holds out a little longer for me.  Everything I NEED is on my desktop PC.  I need to get it to my laptop and save the rest off my PC.  A second external hard drive might be what I need...oh, hubby...


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