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>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

I haven't been updating as much as usual the last two weeks. I have started a new job and my blogs have been sliding a bit. I have to get organized!

Christmas shopping is under way. I'm only about a quarter done though. I did end up ordering my stepson's gift for my husband and it came damaged. Then I had to go back and forth between the company we bought it from and FedEx to get it returned and replaced. We're still waiting for the replacement to arrive. Boy was I regretting getting involved and getting ticked (my own fault though for doing it in the first place against my better judgment). I did it because my husband asked for my help. My stepson only thanks my husband, ignoring me entirely so I didn't want to bother. If he does it again this year, I plan on telling my husband that from now on it's his full responsibility. I'm not a doormat for his teenaged son (unless I choose to be...ugh). Pulled between helping my husband and putting myself out there for my stepson to snub me. What a place to be!

I've managed to lose ten pounds! I am SO excited about that. I changed my thyroid medication and it's really helped. No, I don't mean weight loss pills. I have thyroid disease and need thyroid hormone replacement therapy daily to regulate my hormone levels.

My husband gave me an early Christmas present too. He bought me a tiny Pomeranian and chihuahua mix puppy. She's about a pound or two and will get to be 3-5 pounds full grown. She's adorable and follows me everywhere. I haven't named her yet. I'm having a really hard time coming up with one that just feels right. I think he knows the struggle I go through with his kids/ex situation and this was his way of trying to make up for it. When we had to move for his job, he got me a horse three years ago. He gives good gifts!


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