Who Keeps Pictures of their Ex?

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

If you're here, you're likely involved in some way in a stepfamily, most likely the stepmom since not many dads frequent a stepfamily blog that's pink! We married men that came with some baggage, some more difficult than others to deal with and we look for others who are in our situation to chat with. The baggage may be an ex, ex-in-laws, mementos, etc.

One thing that I didn't have to deal with were pictures of my husband's ex-wife (who he was married to for a short time at a young age but no kids) or his ex-girlfriend (two kids). He doesn't have any pictures at all of either one of them. Not one. Nor does he have pleasant memories of his time with them so I guess that's a good enough reason why. When he left his ex-girlfriend, he took his clothes, his bike, some kid pics, and some old toys for his daughter. He left the bank accounts, furnishings, and house (which was in his parents name) behind without a fuss. He basically started over. He wanted nothing to do with her, dividing it up with her, or anything. Guess that says something about how much, and how fast, he wanted out. He was emotionally divorced from her.

I have pictures of some of my ex-boyfriends in a photo album (not all of them but the couple that lasted for a few years or more). Hubby doesn't seem to care. I didn't keep any jewelry that had been given to me (and I'd had some nice rings and bracelets). My husband doesn't have any extra mens rings around that came from past girlfriends either.

Maybe it's a girl thing - to keep mementos and not so much a male thing to care about having pictures or anything like that.


Mommy of 3 September 20, 2009 at 6:49 AM  

My husband was not married to the Ex. I had found one pic of her when we moved, and it wasn't a flattering pic, but at least I was able to show my parents (who wanted to know aht she looked like) what she looked like, and then we threw it away.

Sadly, I on the other hand have found some pics of me with an Ex (or two, not married just bf's). I also wear almost daily some jewelry that someone else gave to me, but that is only because my husband and I had the conversation about it. I asked him many times if he wanted me to get rid of the jewelry and he didn't really care. He said to keep it. So I did.

My Husband was married before me (no children from that) and he still had his wedding ring... he doesn't have it anymore, it drove me nuts. So it kind of is a man thing to just not care I think :)

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