Stepfamily Stress Bad For Your Health

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

Did you know the constant state of stress that you may live in while dealing with stressful ex and step stuff can predispose you to things like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease? A lot of us struggle with the need to lose belly fat but it stays stubbornly with us and we wonder why. Given that we probably lived at least several years in an almost constant state of stress, it's no surprise now that I know more. (Wish I'd known then what I know now.)

When you are stressed, it elevates your cortisol levels (which can also tax your adrenals and affect your thyroid - like me). Too much chronic stress and it leads to insulin resistance. It becomes a cycle and eventually health problems start to show up.

I lived in an almost constant state of stress for more than the first half of our marriage trying to deal with all the stressors. It's only been within the past few years that I've backed away for my health (and let some things fall where they may because I can't be responsible for everything and still be healthy for my own kids). I'm not really surprised that I'm having the health problems I am having now. What I do wish is that I'd known about it from the beginning so I could have taken steps to prevent it.

If you're new to stepfamily life and living in what seems like constant stress, please realize that it is bad for your health and take the steps now so you aren't where I am at 14 years later. Look up stress in relation to cortisol, insulin resistance, belly fat (all related) which can lead to diabetes, heart problems, hormone-related problems, and more.


Anonymous December 12, 2009 at 9:36 PM  

This is so very true. I felt very overburdened with stress, worries over my stepfamily and all their "drama's" to the point that I had a heart attack in 2000. This last week, I had a second heart attack. I am only 37 yrs old. Stress can force your blood pressure up! I just let mine stay there. I was raised in a very calm, good home. My home life expectations, are now that I have had a second heart attack. I have asked him for a divorce. I have to live for my children. Not die at the risk of him and his children who have issues, addictions,etc. I just can't bear dealing with such as I have never had an addiction or been around people with addictions other than my soon to be ex spouse's family. My life changed but for the worse. Ironically, everyone I know acts like money buys happiness, to stay with him. I think I have lived in his "home life" conditions to a debilitating point, and will start living under my own. I could not control them, but I can control me. I have kids that need me that are good kids. Work hard, appreciate things. I don't know. I love my stepfamily. I feel guilty. But, their issues are killing me, I have to draw a line. Both my heart attacks were "silent" I just started showing symptoms and went to doctor. This last one, I could tell my "stress" was up, my blood pressure was up. Then I had the worst headache of my life for more than a day..... I HAD to go to the doctor. Thought I was having a migraine from stress. Nope, heart attack. So....... my only advice is it beats your system to death. Emotional,mental, physically. You have to look out for you. #1 rule, stay alive. It may break my heart to end this, but I need to stay alive........ their "drama's" will never end. It IS their way of life.

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