High Efficiency Pain In the Backside

>> Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our front loader high efficiency washing machine is driving me UP THE WALL! I thought this was supposed to be the best technology, best wash, best new invention! Pfft!

It's the best way to get a sore back leaning over that far putting a load of laundry in and taking a load out.

It's an aggravating way to not be able to find the type of laundry detergent (look for the tiny "he" on the bottle) you need when others go on sale (so when I do find them on sale, I grab several HE detergents and stock up).

It's the best way to get so frustrated when it breaks and you don't know what to do with this piece if new technology.

Right now, my laundry is all coming out soaking wet - dripping water all over the place.  It's not going through that final fast spin cycle that spins all the water out of the clothes! Totally skips it.

A friend says to check the gasket. Gaskets? You mean that gross thing around the door that gets everything and its mother caught in it? OK, did that. Didn't help.

Check the drain to see if something is stuck in it.  OK, where's the drain?  I look inside the washing machine...don't see a drain.  Ohhhh, it's under it.  Well how the heck do I get to it?  I can't figure out how to get that bottom panel off. Can't check that yet until I figure that out.

Maybe the drum is broke?  Ohhhh, you mean the thingy that spins around inside.  I learned something new.  That "thingy" is a drum.  (I am obviously not Bob Vila...or even Tim "The Toolman" Taylor.)

My washing machine has been giving me sopping wet clothes for three weeks now because I can't figure this thing out, hubby is working all the time (and realistically, he's as bad as I am when it comes to fixing anything), and it's too expensive to call a repairman in right now. It takes three drying cycles to get everything dry.  Not so "high efficiency" now are ya?  


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