Stepkid Birthdays

>> Saturday, February 25, 2012

My stepson turns 17 this year.  Then it will be one more year of having a legal relationship with the ex!  Yeah for us.

I'm sure he'll be asking for something music-related for his birthday (he's like his dad in that regard).  Usually, he picks uber expensive gifts. Maybe we can nip that request in the bud and find him an appropriately priced mixer before he sends us his gift list and head off the frustration those requests bring.

I have a love/hate thing going with my stepchildren's birthdays.  On one hand, I LOVE them because it means one less year of having a legal relationship with the ex.  On the other hand, I don't like holidays gift buying for my stepkids anymore.  Their gift requests are always SO huge.  Maybe that's ok with their mom (she always did go big at holidays for them so it's really expected anymore) but that's hard for us.  I think we'll jump start the gift buying ideas ahead of time and find him a nice mixer for his recording without breaking the bank.


Anonymous March 3, 2012 at 1:55 PM  

I/We had a problem with expensive gifts. My DH bought my SS an iPad, without even telling me. SS is 4, almoust 5. I went nuts when i found out. I don't care he has guilt or anything but comensating it with abnormal gift, and for a five year old it's too much. He agreed to take it back from SS, but i'm still hurt and angry, and i feel betrayed. Toys that cost more than average toy for Christmas i survived. Bud an iPed for a kid?! And i'm scared that he's going to do something stupid again, because he didn't tell me this time knowing how i will react. For the future i'm scared that he'll buy expensive gifts to SS and SD, but not our children because i won't allow it (i think that children have to respect money and things, and buy whatever when they grow up) or that he's going to ruin my education of our children with buing them expensive stuff too. Both is wrong. So i don't care if SS was crying and than he gave him the iPod to bring to his home. It just isn't normal.

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