Waiting on a Stroke?

>> Monday, March 19, 2012

My mother was taken into the emergency room today.  They've ruled out a heart attack and are now doing x-rays and CT scans to check for stroke due to the stroke symptoms.

My mother is being her normal ornery self - lying to the doctors about her symptoms (she doesn't like/trust doctors so she isn't claiming to have any symptoms), refusing to be put on medication (she doesn't like prescription medications), and is insisting somebody bring her a radio so she can listen to Rush Limbaugh (she doesn't like Obama obviously) - in the emergency room!

I asked my oldest sis to see about getting power of attorney in case my mother can't, or won't, make appropriate health care decisions for herself. My sis is looking into it. She used to have one (when my parents went thru divorce...my mom didn't want my dad making medical decisions for her in the middle of their nasty divorce) but it has expired.

I am in another state so I sit and wait for test results.  Waiting is the hardest thing. It feels pretty damn helpless to sit here and wait while my siblings rush to the hospital and hope that she doesn't have a large stroke at the hospital. From the way my mother is acting, and how worked up she gets over President Obama, it's a possibility.  I hope nobody brings her a radio so she can listen to Rush and get herself riled up.

One of my sisters said our mom seems to be doing better (symptoms improved) but my sister is doing a big OMG over her behavior in the hospital.  I am literally getting texts from my little sister with "omggggggggggg".

I sit.  I wait.  While I make a list in my head of things to pack and wonder what to do about my four kids - take them or leave them with a friend...ack.


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