In-Laws Taking Sides During Divorces

>> Friday, October 28, 2011

I am paging through the All You magazine looking for coupons when I come across a relationship Q & A about a daughter going through an amicable divorce and her parents hoping the son-in-law will still be a part of their lives. The parents wanted to know how they could let their son-in-law know they want him to be a part of their lives without betraying their daughter.

Betrayal. A word I think a lot of us are familiar with.

The magazine's answer -

Basically, as long as it is amicable, it isn't a betrayal of their daughter but if at some point the divorce turns ugly, "your loyalty should always be with your daughter."   Agree!!  Unless your adult, divorcing "child" is a lunatic who is harmful to the children, loyalty should be with your son/daughter.


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