One Kitten Down, Two to Go

>> Monday, October 17, 2011

Ack! I'm so itchy!!!  Dry skin, eczema, hives from allergies and Keratosis Pilaris - I am a walking advertisement for terrible skin! I need to buy some bulk shea butter, roll around in it, and wrap myself up in saran wrap for the night.  Wouldn't that be attractive?  Not.

Oh well.  On the good news front, we finally found a home for one of the kittens (you know, the kittens I'm allergic to...ugh).  She went yesterday to a new home and they are naming her Raven.  That leaves her two brothers (who are actually cuter than she was - see picture - but they had the wrong equipment).  I think they have some Ragdoll in them - they lay in your arms like little ragdolls (the males do, the female was a nut), let you flip them around and hold them like babies.  Sad they have to go but my allergies would love it!

One thing that worries me is them being black and Halloween coming.  I don't want anybody wanting them for that reason.  I want them to want to love on them (the way I would if I could touch them for longer than a minute before having to run and wash my hands).


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