Still Waiting...

>> Saturday, July 27, 2013

Well, we have not received the termination papers yet showing that legal tie with the ex is closed yet and it still shows open online.  It's a good thing they were so messed up years ago that they didn't get my husband's employer's address into their system correctly for garnishing like the law requires or else they would still be taking child support out of my husband's check. I hate the family court system.  So inept.

The ex was against my husband sending her child support directly for years.  She wanted the court to take it out of his check and for the court to give it to her.  Silly girl.  For more than seven years, we have been sending it directly to the court ourselves and then they'd send it to her - never late, always on time, always what was owed - because they never got the employer information sent out.  We weren't going to complain about that one. :)

I don't think the ex ever had a clue.

Still waiting for that official notice that those legal ties are cut.  Hopefully they'll get it sent out before winter comes so we can have that big bonfire with all this court/ex stuff we have waited years to do.


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