Well, crap, they (well, she) almost came over!

>> Monday, March 11, 2013

My husband got briefly excited last week when he received a text from his daughter asking him if he could take that night off from work and come get them in their state. I say "briefly" because it was very brief.  The "them" wasn't my stepdaughter and stepson.  It was my stepdaughter and her boyfriend.  To spend the night at our house.  With our young kids in the house.  Something she has been told isn't allowed (sleepovers with a boyfriend). To then turn around and drive them to a concert that is hours away from our house.

Ohhhhhhh, that's why you wanted to come over.  There was a concert in our state she wanted to see.  Not dad.

That's why I said briefly.

The glow died fairly quickly when she found out dad threw his back out that day and had called into work because he could barely move and was in a lot of pain. So you can't come get us?  Really?!?!

Actually, dad would have sat in a car 5-6 hours round trip to get his kids here, while in pain, if they were actually coming HERE to visit HIM. THEY weren't. Only one was, with a guest, for a concert - ONLY. But to do that and then to turn around and sit in a car for another six hours on top of it to drop them off at a concert?


She didn't want to come HERE. She wanted the concert.  So, she didn't come. Had she wanted to come here to visit her father and siblings without another motive, he would have hopped into that car in pain there and back to do it.

He asked her if she wanted to come over on her spring break.



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