Extreme Coupon Anyone?

>> Friday, July 15, 2011

Who coupons?  I've tried it in the past but never stuck to it (and no, I haven't seen that Extreme Coupon show on television that everybody is talking about).  Within the last few weeks, I've done some research online along with coupon cutting and printing and gave it another go with the new information I've learned (about stacking coupons, buying when on sale).  I don't want a year's worth of stockpile in my basement and if I get more than a small supply of extra things for little to nothing spent, they'll get donated to the retirement home up the road or a shelter.  However, knowing I'm not going to run out of toilet paper, shampoo or toothpaste with all these kids is a bonus.  I have to admit that walking out of CVS with several bags of stuff with only a few bucks out of my pocket felt good too!

I'm not ready to take my coupon binder into the grocery store yet (probably because of the whole Extreme Coupon craze where I've heard of people walking out with a hundred candy bars for nothing - it has to make sense to me instead of embarrass me or be bad for my family)...but maybe eventually I'll hit Kroger with my binder. I also won't steal coupons like some Extreme Couponers do, dumpster dive, or clear shelves of inventory.  I want my dignity left, a small supply of necessities, and some money saved.  Yeah me!

A coupon person recommended Ebates the other day on her blog and I used it to sign up for a subscription for All You magazine (they have good coupons every month inside).  I got the subscription, a $10 credit on the magazine, plus a $5.19 rebate that showed up today in my account.  With six kids, four dogs, four cats, two horses, and a child support bill, saving money is just fine with me.  I just won't take it to the extreme though.


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