Spring Break - Not Sure of Plans

>> Monday, March 14, 2011

Two weeks to my stepkids' spring break.  My stepdaughter is going to Florida this year rather than come here (another break without seeing her).  My husband says my stepson wants to come here for his spring break but he still doesn't know that 1) his siblings will all be in school because their spring break doesn't fall at the same time as his, and 2) his dad will be working the entire time because we can't use the vacation time.  Not sure when hubby plans to lay that one on his son. 

So, if my teenage stepson knows he will sit here with me for a week, without his dad or his siblings as a buffer during work and school hours, do ya think he will still want to come?  Heck no.  He's been taught to hate me.  He's been taught that rules and consequences that my husband and I believe and expect our kids to follow are nonsense.  He's been taught that disrespect, cussing, violence, eating crap 24/7 until you're so unhealthy you can't run faster than your five-year-old sister, and being lazy are A-OK.  He's been taught that I am nobody in this family.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?  Doesn't sound like much fun for either one of us.


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