Need Gift Idea Help For Good Friend

>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I just finished another round of shopping.  Everytime I think I am close to done, I remember something else.  It seems like I have a perpetual shopping list!

I still have my parents, my husband's parents, my oldest sis, and a good friend of mine to shop for (plus a few more things for our kids).  We're going with a loft bed for my son, specialty coffee beans/grinder and loose tea for my parents and sister, and probably a 3-in-1 printer for my husband's parents because theirs just broke.  Good timing for that to break because we had no clue what to get them.  For the new baby in the family, I am looking at different personalized gift baskets

I have no idea what to get a really good friend of mine - something not expensive but something that still means something.  No clue yet.  She loves coffee too but she also is a single mom of three active girls (with an ex who leaves a lot to be desired) so perhaps a gift certificate to the day spa in the next town for a little pampering and relaxation?  Her oldest is singing in a talent show and my friend has to work and miss it so I think I'll make her a DVD of that too.  Any other ideas?


Tracy B December 17, 2010 at 9:34 AM  

"Mom's Plan-It" agenda would be a wonderful gift. They range from $10 to $20. You can find them at Staples and other office supply stores. There is also one at Staples called "Mom Agenda". I love it! There is room to fill in activities and appointments for 2 adults and up to 4 children. AMAZING! I couldn't live without my planner and I am sure your friend would enjoy it as well :)

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