Trick or Treating with Stepkids?

>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you trick-or-treating with your stepkids this year? I know a lot of orders dictate which years which parent has them so it may not be your year this year. (If it's not your year to go begging for candy this year, perhaps you can volunteer for their class party tomorrow instead?)

A lot of schools don't even have class parties though. None of my school-aged kids had Halloween parties. It's seen in this town as an unnecessary holiday, a pagan holiday. They take all the fun out of it!! They even tried to schedule a choir and band concert during trick-or-treat hours! Can you believe that? After several parents threw a fit (me included), they backed off. They claimed they don't understand what the big deal was. I was so livid, they were probably beginning to wonder if they should be looking at life insurance rates and making sure their policies were updated.

We aren't trick-or-treating with the stepkids this year. Seeing how they are both in high school (geez, when did that happen), I'm not even sure if they are trick-or-treating. It's been a few years since we've taken them out begging for candy with us. Living 200 miles away kinda puts a damper on the festivities at times.


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