Me? Own a Riding Stable?

>> Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So, what kind of insurance do you need if you own a riding and boarding stable? One of the houses we are looking at, and considering, has a successfully run boarding stable that comes along with it (it's actually where our horses have been boarded for the past eight years). I'd imagine it'd have to be a bit more than just regular homeowner's insurance. Do you insure big tractors? I have NO CLUE obviously.

I guess looking up the small business insurance requirements will be on my list to do. Might want to look up this website - auto insurance and check our auto rates while we are at it and see if there's any special requirements for pulling a horse trailer, etc. with our auto insurance. I'm used to boarding, not running, so this will be all new to us if we go ahead with it.


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