60 Days Til the End

>> Thursday, August 1, 2013

The notice of the support and court case closure came in the mail today, saying the case would close in 60 days. If either party doesn't want it closed, they have 60 days to notify the court. Why wouldn't it be closed for adults?  Wow.

I guess we wait until the end of September now.  Geesh...this was supposed to be OVER.

What a hassle.  I would not remarry a man who had children - grown or otherwise - a second time. I love him and hope to stay married for life but I wouldn't do this again with another man, another ex. Won't need to worry about me looking for raleigh wedding photographers.  I would stay single or find myself a man who didn't have any ex's hanging around in the background.

OK.  I guess we have a party/bonfire date for the end of September now.  Waiting, waiting, waiting. Seems like we've been waiting forever.


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