One Month

>> Monday, June 10, 2013

A month from now, child support will be done when my ss turns 18 - two more payments and it's over. At least that part will be over anyway.

Dealing with the BS will never be over. Hopefully the talk with hubby the other night will change something and we'll get back to how we used to be when dealing with them (united) IF we move back to their state (job interviews upcoming). Time will tell.  If we move, it will be MY house, MY rules and they will be expected to follow the rules and be respectful no matter how old they get.  We are raising our own four kids and our own kids will continue to have structure and responsibilities and expectations and if my stepkids are in my home, it will be the same for them. It may end up the stepkids follow those rules or it may end up they get ticked off at me (and then their dad).

At least we don't have to worry about the ex sending us bills for SS birth control like she did for my SD after she graduated.  LOL


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