Freaky Friday

>> Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Look up in the sky!  Do you see pigs flying?

Now look down below.  Did hell freeze over?

Huh, not sure but I think last Friday was Freaky Friday or something. My adult sd called her littlest sister to wish her a happy birthday last week (no word from ss but that's the norm).  That hasn't happened in like...all my little darling's seven little years. Hubby sounded a bit surprised when he answered the phone (if that tells you how often she calls here...N-EVER!).

Now, her other two sisters' birthdays were within the last few months and she didn't call either one of them.  She doesn't call her dad on his birthday or Father's Day either. Must have just been one of those freaky things.

Cue the music for...

Yeah for my littlest one but not so yeah for my other two daughters who didn't get that phone call from their sister.  I doubt my son will get his phone call next month but I'll betcha damn straight that we will get a birthday list for my ss's birthday this summer!


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